What is Happy with Pain™?

Happy with Pain™ a program developed by long-time chronic pain survivor Rowe Jones. The term Happy with Pain™ isn’t a celebration of pain. It is a positive declaration of being happy no matter the level of pain you may have. You have a choice to be happy or not; there is no in between. By making the right choice we choose to be happy!

Rowe Jones is a unique chronic pain survivor and a motivator for those sharing the same challenge. He views pain as a “gift” to draw from and offers that message to groups around the country. His words inspire and give hope to fellow pain sufferers. He says, “You can live a rewarding and happy life with pain.”

Rowe’s experience with pain is well qualified. He has spent over 25 years of his life with chronic pain. He has multiple neuralgias affecting his head, face, neck and stomach along with several permanent spinal injuries.

The response to his message has been compelling. One person wrote, “Your positive and glorious attitude sure is an inspiration.” Another referred to him as “The inspiration that brings me hope and promise of a brighter future.”

One of his doctors commented, “You have developed an approach to pain that is very unique,” another told him, “You need to share your story to people with chronic pain and the medical industry.”

Rowe brings a distinctive perspective as a patient who has had years of pain but has developed an ability to thrive with it. “No matter the day, I am here to find the sunshine in each one,” he says.

Because of his long-term commitment to his own treatment and study, Rowe is one who understands chronic pain from the patient and doctor perspective. He assisted in the diagnosis of his own complex and uncommon neurological condition. This diagnosis was verified after brain surgery.

Rowe’s program is centered on self-reliance. He feels that the mind is the most powerful tool we can use in our battle with chronic pain. He talks about “focus”, “surrender”, “courage”, “the purpose of pain” and “you are what you think.” He also describes his own story of will and determination. He challenges his audience to be persistent and responsible for their treatment and well-being. He adds, “When people hear another person who has chronic pain speak, real progress and understanding is made.”

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